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Shotgun Shock Touring Model Installation Instructions

1. Remove right side stock shock

2. Install shotgun shock with compressor onto right side of bike, compressor toward rear , using 1” shoulder bolt on top (eyelet) and 1-1/4” shoulder bolt on bottom (heim) red- loc-tite on threads. Position head of compressor parallel with bike with slight angle toward tire (do not over tighten pinch bolt on compressor)

3. Put on right side bag and check for clearances

4. Remove bag and tighten all hardware

5. Route wiring on compressor toward battery

6. Remove stock shock from left side of bike

7. Install left side Shotgun Shock , with solenoids facing forward, Heim on bottom with 1-1/4” shoulder bolt, eyelet on top with 1” shoulder bolt.

(There will be a gap between eyelet and head of shoulder bolt, Do not shim gap)

8. Check bag for clearance

9. Tighten all hardware

10. Plug in airlines to shocks with Y fitting toward battery, plug airline into compressor.

11. Plug in relay harness to both shocks with shrink tube over loom (do not melt shrink tube at this time until shocks have been tested)

12. Remove acorn nut from horn mount, remove protective covering from switch bracket, and place switch bracket over horn bracket, with switches toward the top. Replace acorn nut, and tighten)

13. Route switch harness loom under tank toward battery, and plug into relay harness

14. Attach red and black wires from relay harness to positive and negative on battery.

15. Ensure all wires and airlines are routed properly, in order to prevent damage when shocks operate

16. Test shocks by using two switches up to raise bike, raise bike to full ride height.

17. Use rear switch down to pressure it down

18. Release air holding bike down by using rear switch up, bike should raise quickly

19. Heat shrink tubing over all plugs / connectors

20. Replace bags and seat

21. To adjust shocks for good ride quality: use both switches up to raise bike to highest ride height.

22. Toggle front switch down to desired ride height.

23. To firm ride use front switch up