Softail Kit Installation

Installation Instructions

2000 and Up Non ABS

1. Raise Bike with lift ( we suggest using Harbor Freight Lift Part #99887 or the equivalent)

2. Support rear tire with an adjustable jack or the equivalent

3. Remove Seat, Battery, and Splash Guard

4. Remove stock shocks

5. Install compressor with compressor head toward right side of bike (2000-2006 will require tapping existing holes in bottom of transmission (tap included) 2007 and up has holes already tapped for ¼-20 screws (included)

6. Apply loc-tite to threads of mounting bolts; do not tighten until compressor is in place.

7. Loosen pinch bolt on compressor and slide compressor over as far to the right as possible (Right side if you are sitting on the bike) The compressor will clock in nicely once it is in the correct position. Tighten mounting bolts and pinch bolt (DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN PINCH BOLT)

8. Install Shotgun Shock with nameplate facing up, eyelets toward rear of bike, connect to swingarm using stock shoulder bolts with red loc-tite on threads of shoulder bolts, and neverseize on shoulders of shoulder bolts. ( DO NOT TIGHTEN AT THIS TIME)

9. Plug in airline to compressor by pushing it into fitting on compressor, then pulling back on it to ensure it is seated properly, route airline away from belt (trim if necessary) and plug into shock in the same manner.

10. Pivot shock into horizontal position, ensuring stock grommets are installed ( you may need to raise the swing arm using the adjustable jack, in order for the shock to clear frame, once it clears frame, lower adjustable jack slightly) install front bolts with washers toward head of bolt. Use Never seize on threads of front bolts (NO LOC-TITE!!!) and do not over-tighten.

11. Tighten all hardware ( The rear shoulder bolts will have a gap between the head of the bolts and the eyelets DO NOT SHIM THIS GAP, it is designed that way to prevent side load on the shafts during operation)

12. Plug in relay harness to shock and compressor, ensuring shrink tube is on loom , once plugged in, slide the shrink tube over the connections and apply heat with a heat gun

13. Use provided cable ties to tie the looms together on both sides of the connections

14. Route relay harness through right side of back of battery box (there is a hole)

15. Be sure wiring Harness and relay will not get pinched or smashed when shock operates and moves the swingarm up and down, in between frame and swingarm pinch point and use provided cable ties to secure relay to wiring

16. Remove nut from horn bracket, remove protective film from switch bracket, and place switches over stud of horn bracket, replace nut.

17. Route switch harness, along underside of left side of fuel tank, and under ground strap.

18. Replace battery, and attach red and black wires from relay harness to battery.

19. Plug switch harness into relay harness (ensuring shrink tubing is on loom)

20. Remove all obstructions from under rear tire, and test shock by using both switches up, then rear switch down.

21. With bike in neutral, spin rear wheel by hand with tire all the way up in fender (rear switch down) to check for tire rubbing on fender

22. Heat shrink tube over connections on the wiring harnesses where they plug into eachother, by the battery

23. Replace splash guard and seat.

24. And lower bike to ground, use both switches up to raise suspension